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See the difference while cleaning

Fiber Care technicians are ready to provide professional mattress steam cleaning services at private residences. Fast mattress cleaning is often needed on an emergency basis due to contamination that requires immediate removal. We have service vans ready to arrive promptly to sanitize any sizes of mattresses.


Removing debris from mattresses requires innovative cleaning methods to prevent damaging the cover or interior fibers from excess moisture. Moisture in mattresses can create foul mildew odor or mold growth, leading to problems with allergic responses such as skin rashes. Fiber Care technicians make sure mattresses are cleaned with steamed natural mattress solution sanitized and dried thoroughly.


We train our Fiber Care technicians before sending them to commercial or residential properties. Technicians learn how to remove stains from the outer coverings of mattresses or provide deep steam cleaning to destroy dangerous pathogens. All of our employees are background screened before going to customer’s homes or businesses.


Top-of-the-line steam extraction cleaning machines are an important part of Fiber Care’s mattress sanitizing processes. With the correct tools, and natural fabric solution reaches the deepest layers of mattresses to eliminate bacteria, pollen and bedbugs. By adding a natural preteated fabric solution on the mattress, the odors from body fluids disappear and mattress fibers become germfree.


With spring around the corner, deep steam solution for mattress cleaning is vital to have a clean home or guest lodging. With more incidents of bedbug contamination in mattresses, a sanitation from Fiber Care is necessary to destroy this vermin. Contact us today to have expert mattress cleaning from trained technicians.

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